University of Hawaii Manoa
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"Hawai‘i is singularly unique in its location... having the most rare plant and animal species in the world... It is unique in its geological and oceanic makeup. We are diverse in ethnicities and culture. We must endeavor to know ourselves better."
Social, Cultural, Spiritual Working Group

Research @ Mānoa

With extramural grants and contracts in excess of $300 million in 2002-03, Manoa is committed to research. Our landscape facilitates advances in marine biology, oceanography, underwater robotic technology, astronomy, geology and geophysics, agriculture, aquaculture and tropical medicine. Our heritage, our people and close ties to the Asian and Pacific region create a favorable environment for study and research in the arts, genetics, intercultural relations, linguistics, religion and philosophy.

Strategic Imperatives


Our faculty and staff salaries increase to the 80th percentile of peer institutions.

Our contracts and grand volume increase by 10% annually.

Our library ranking according to the Association for Research Libraries improves from 68th to 40th (our former ranking) out of 11 3 U.S. and Canadian libraries.

  • Recruit, reward, and support outstanding faculty, staff, and students committed to research and graduate education.
  • Set high standards for retention, post-tenure review, and merit pay.
  • Engage all undergraduates in research and creative scholarship.
  • Encourage research that benefits and involves the local community.
  • Support research initiatives where Mānoa is uniquely positioned to excel.
  • Publicize our research more widely to local, national, and international community.
  • Expand applied research and scholarship.
  • Assess the research productivity of all faculty and programs on a regular basis.
  • Invest in modern research facilities, infrastructure, administration, and services.
  • Implement electronic contracts and grants administration.
  • Streamline technology licensing and transfer.
  • Support advanced research and scholarship on Hawaiian language and culture.