Equipment Loan

Cork Board Poster Display Panels

Poster display panels are available on loan to UH departments and units.  The panels are double-sided and mounted on oak wood stands with casters.  UH departments and units may borrow the panels at no charge, but will be billed for any necessary repair or replacement in the event of damage or loss.  Each panel with shipping costs approximately $409. There are a total of 26 available.

Departments and units interested in borrowing the panels need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. A copy of the Poster Panel Request Form must be filled out completely and signed by the department chair or unit director before submission to the Office of Research Relations.
  2. The individual making the request must contact the UHM Office of Facilities Management to schedule pick-up and return deliveries of the panel(s) on loan.  In order to minimize the possibility of damage, panels may NOT be rolled across the campus.
  3. A representative from the requesting department or unit must be available to receive and verify the condition of the panel(s).
  4. Only push pins may be used to mount posters on the panels.  No tape, glue, putty type adhesive or staples may be used on the cork mounting surface.

For more information, contact the UHM Office of Research Relations at 956-4053.