Future SRS Recreation Center

A 56,000 square foot Recreation Center is currently being constructed adjoining the east side of the Campus Center. The addition will feature a multi-sport gymnasium, fitness center, multi-purpose studios, a jogging track, and locker and shower rooms.

In 2004, the Campus Center Board committed to improved services through the Campus Center Renovation and Expansion Project. Through focus groups and annual surveys a favorable majority of the students agreed that a new recreation center was what the Campus Center needed. The CCB followed through with the idea, putting years of planning into place resulting in the current construction.

The new construction will feature a number of sustainable elements including solar water heating, the use of photovoltaic panels for energy savings, low flow flushing toilet system and sensored faucets, toilets and paper towel dispensers, maximizing natural light in interior spaces, using natural and recycled building material, using of rain water run-off for plant irrigation, rain sensored sprinklers, centralized variable mode air conditioning system and using energy star equipment. The addition is slated for a LEED (leader in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold rating.