WRC Services

Locker Rentals

  • Lockers are available to rent for current members of the WRC
    • Patrons with lockers must have membership to access their belongings
  • Terms are 6-month/$45 or 1-year/$75
  • Rental term starts the day of the transaction
  • If lockers are all rented out, patrons will have the option of being put on the waitlist
    • Waitlist for lockers are on a 1st come 1st served basis with 1st priority going to students


Towel Service

  • Terms with locker rental is Monthly/$5 or 1-year/$48
  • Terms without locker rental is Monthly/$10 (multiple months can be purchased at once)
  • Rental term starts the day of the transaction
  • 1 clean shower towel will be issued per visit to the WRC
  • Shower towels are not allowed to be used as personal fitness towels
  • Dirty towels are to be returned to the “Dirty Laundry” bin prior to exiting the building


Laundry Service

  • Is only available to patrons with a locker
  • Terms are Monthly/$5 or 1-year/$48
  • Rental term starts the day of the transaction
  • 1 laundry loop is issued per locker rental
  • Lost or damaged loops may be replaced at the rate of $5.00
  • Only workout attire is allowed. NO personal belongings
    • Patrons who violate service policies will forfeit their locker and services
  • Last wash load goes in Monday-Friday 8:00 pm & Weekends/Holidays 3:30 pm


All Inclusive Package

  • Includes 1-year locker rental, 1-year towel & laundry service
  • Term is 1-year/$150


Renewal Policy

  • 1 week prior to the expiration of either locker or service, WRC members will receive an email notification of their expiration date
  • Locker/service renewals can only be done in person at the WRC
  • If service is not renewed, service ends on expiration date
  • If locker is not renewed by the end of the day on the expiration date, it will be forfeited to the next patron on the waitlist
  • Items removed from expired lockers will be bagged and kept at the front desk for 30 days
    • Belongings not picked up within that time frame will be turned over to the Ticket and Information Office


**All WRC services are non-refundable and non-transferrable