Membership Plans



Who is in the Category

Membership Fee




UH Manoa Students


Summer Session $20.00




UH System Students*
UH Outreach College Students
SEED Program
East-West Center Stu/Participants*

Fall/Spring Sem $105.00
Sum Session $25.00
Monthly $25.00
Weekly $15.00
Daily $5.00





UH Manoa Faculty/Staff
UH System Faculty/Staff*
East-West Center Faculty/Staff*
UH Foundation*
UH Emeriti Faculty

Annual $240.00
6-Month $135.00
Monthly $25.00
Weekly $15.00
Daily $5.00




Other UH Manoa Affiliate
UHM Spring 2008-Present Alumni*

Annual $300.00
6-Month $165.00
Monthly $30.00
Weekly $15.00
Daily $5.00



For UH Manoa Students, in Category 1, membership is automatic as long as they are registered for the current semester, pay the “Man Studnt Ctr Ops & Rec Fee” in their tuition and are in good financial standing with UH Manoa. Students may check their myUH Portal to see if they pay the fee.


Guest IDs are purchased only if the applicant does not qualify for a UH Manoa Student or Faculty/Staff ID. The cost of each Guest ID is $10.

*Indicate those who are required to purchase a WRC Membership Card.