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Non-Credit Workshops

The SLD Leadership staff is also available to assist you with your student organization. We can help you develop a training program, workshops, or conferences designed specifically for your organizational needs. The SLD staff offers one-on-one personal consultations on leadership style, leadership goals, and any concerns you may have with your organization.

Non-credit leadership workshops are available to UH Manoa students and UH Manoa student organizations. Please contact SLD (808) 956-8178 for more information.

Non-Credit Workshops

14 different workshop/training non-credit topics are available for groups of students. These topics include:

1) Balancing Academics and Involvement

  • Time Management
  • Prioritizing

2) Communicating Effectively in Groups

  • Listening to Understand
  • Assertiveness- Working with difficult people and challenging situations

3) Effective Meeting Management

  • Agenda planning/Meeting flow
  • Brainstorming
  • Basic Team Building in Meetings

4) Event and Program Planning

5) Goal Setting for Organizations

  • Goal Setting Process
  • Selecting Annual Goals
  • SMART Goals as a refining technique

6) Group Development

  • Understanding Yourself, What You Need, What Others Need
  • Building Interpersonal Effectiveness in Groups
  • Personality Inventory

7) Leading with Soul

  • Connecting or Re-connecting to your passion as a leader

8) Marketing Your Leadership Experience during a Job Search

  • Compiling and defining your positions and skills gained
  • Showcasing your development as a leader, overall development
  • Start Resume or curriculum vitae creation

9) Motivating Group Members

  • Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated
  • Empowering Each Other
  • Effective Delegation and Volunteering for Projects

10) Team Building 1, Outdoor Teams Course, 3 hours

  • Choice of 4-5 outdoor activities that can be completed in 3 hours
  • Work as team to problem solve challenges

11) Team Building 2, Indoor Team Challenges, 2.5 hours

  • Work as a team to problem solve challenges

12) Team Building 3, Coordinate an Outdoor Recreational Activity in Conjunction with Leisure Programs

  • Please contact Recreational Services- Leisure Programs, 956-6468

    *Note: Recreational activity options include snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddling and surfing. The date, time, location and fee schedule for this option is scheduled and calculated on a case by case basis by the Recreational Services- Leisure Programs office.

13) Visioning

  • Developing a vision and mission for your organization

14) Working Effectively with Others

  • Learn your personality identification through a user friendly practical tool (Blue, Green, Gold, or Orange). What is your preferred style?
  • Learn your preferred style when dealing with conflict through a user friendly practical tool (Shark, Fox, Turtle, Teddy Bear, or Owl). What is your preferred style?

Scheduling Non-credit Training

(*does not apply to option #12)

During the academic year, groups may request training during regular working hours, Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm (except on holidays or during institutional break periods). During weekdays, we will work with you to set up a mutually agreed upon time for the training when faculty/staff or experienced student facilitators are available. Workshops are offered on-campus at UHM. Workshop and Training scheduling should be finalized with SLD at least 2 weeks before the training is needed.

Fee Schedule for Non-credit Workshops

(*does not apply to option #12)

# of participants Outdoor Teams Course
(does not apply to option #12)
Leadership Workshops
(does not apply to option #12)
1-10 $35 per session $40 per topic/session
11-20 $70 per session $80 per topic/session
21-30 $105 per session $120 per topic/session
31-40 $140 per session $160 per topic/session
41-50 $175 per session $200 per topic/session

Beyond 50 participants are calculated as follows:

  • Fee Schedule for Outdoor Teams Course (2-3 hour session)
    Increments of $35 per group for additional 1-10 participants
  • Fee Schedule for Leadership Workshops (90 minute sessions, except the Indoor Team Challenges which is 2.5 hours)
    Increments of $40 per group for additional 1-10 participants

For more information and consultation, please contact the Office of Student Life and Development at 808-956-8178 or visit us in Campus Center 208.

Non-Credit Workshops Brochure

Download the Non-Credit Workshops Brochure (PDF: 246kb)*

*Note: Requires Adobe Reader