Credit Courses: EDEA 460B

Emergent Paradigms of Leadership

This advanced credit course is designed for students who are interested in leadership beyond the college level. This class provides students with the opportunity to explore current leadership trends and to broaden their understanding of the concepts of leadership in an increasingly diverse and complex world. Established leaders will take their own skills to a new level. Some topics include:

  • Evolution of Leadership Thought
  • Eastern and Western Perspectives of Leadership
  • Changing Paradigms of Leadership
  • Multi-cultural Dimensions of Leadership
  • Motivation, Morale and Empowerment
  • Building Communities and Support Systems
  • Marketing Leadership

EDEA 460B integrates leadership theory with practical experiences through class exercises. Students earn three credits.

Prerequisites: EDEA 360 or equivalent, and consent of the instructor. Look for the course listing in the Schedule of Classes under Educational Administration.