Credit Courses: EDEA 360

Dynamics of Student Leadership

This credit course is designed to assist students in enhancing their management and leadership skills while providing a forum in which student leaders can exchange ideas and experiences. This course challenges students to further define their personal philosophy of leadership and to explore ways in which to incorporate that philosophy into all aspects of their lives. Throughout the semester, students will learn how to capitalize on their strengths, improve on their challenges, and assess the effectiveness of their organizations. Some topics include:

  • Leading with Self-Esteem
  • Valuing Individual Differences
  • Group Dynamics and Team Development
  • Assessing Group Effectiveness
  • Communication in Groups
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Power and Ethics

This participatory class integrates leadership theory with practical experience. Students earn three credits through a combination of two class hours per week plus a practicum with a student organization. Students who are already active in a campus or community organization are encouraged to register. For students who are not currently involved with an organization, SLD staff will arrange a practicum for them. The course is offered every semester. Look for the course listing in the Schedule of Classes under Educational Administration.