Student Life & Development offers students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in an environment that encourages and rewards personal responsibility and growth. Student employees are involved in diverse and challenging positions that are vital to the operation of our programs.

Below is a list of types of jobs that are offered by SLD. Please visit, the student employment website to see if any positions are open for hiring.

Customer Service Positions

These positions include direct services to students, faculty and staff. It may also include administrative and fiscal support related duties such as providing support with the processing of documents related to the operations of each service area.

Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

  • Receptionist/Clerk

Board of Publications

  • Reception Clerk

Campus Center Board and Activities Council

  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Assistant

Fiscal Office

  • Account Clerk

Graduate Student Organization

  • Grants Manager
  • Office Manager

Leisure Center

  • Office Assistant

Ticket and Information

  • Service Associate
  • Service Manager

Facilities &/or Operations Positions

Board of Publications

  • Distribution Assistant
  • Distribution Manager

Meeting and Events Services

  • Events Services Associate
  • Administrative Assistant

Student Union Facilities

  • Facilities Associate
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Custodian

Graduate Assistants Positions

Graduate Student Position

  • Graduate Student Assistant for Student Recreational Services
  • Graduate Student Assistant for Student Involvement & Leadership Development
  • Graduate Student Assistant for Student Union and Campus Life Service

Graphics Positions

Board of Publications

  • Advertising Graphic Designer
  • Advertising Graphic Design Manager

Marketing and Graphics

  • Graphic Arts Manager
  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Assistant

Program Development Positions

Campus Center Board and Activities Council

  • Event Coordinator

Recreational Positions

  • Informal Recreation Services Associate
  • Intramural Lifeguard
  • Intramural Official
  • Intramural Scorekeeper
  • Intramural Supervisor
  • Management Team Programming Associate
  • Ocean Education Instructor
  • Recreation Aide
  • Recreation Manager
  • Rental Program Assistant Specialist
  • Rental Program Specialist

Technology Positions

Board of Publications

  • Web Developer
  • Web Developer Manager

Computer Lab

  • Computer Lab Assistant

Marketing and Graphics

  • Web Designer