Registration Step-by-Step

Review the steps below to register for classes.

Incoming freshmen should also read the New Rainbow Warrior Checklist before starting the registration process.

  1. Confirm Eligibility
  2. Meet with Your Academic Advisor
  3. Clear Holds
  4. Check Your Registration Time
  5. Check Class Schedule and Availability
  6. Review Course Restrictions and Prerequisites
  7. Register Online
  8. Submit Payment
  9. Add and/or Drop Courses
  10. Review Your Prior Term Grades

Confirm Eligibility

To be eligible to register you must be one of the following:

  • A continuing classified UH Mānoa student enrolled in the current semester (not withdrawn, graduated, suspended, or dismissed)
  • An incoming UH Mānoa student (newly-accepted, returning, or transfer)
  • An unclassified UH Mānoa student (continuing or incoming)

Note: Students admitted through the Outreach College for evening or summer courses only are not eligible to enroll in regular fall or spring classes. Visit the Outreach College for more information.

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Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Before registering for classes, meet with your academic advisor to review degree requirements and to get help selecting courses. Some programs will place a hold on your account until you have met with your advisor.

Check with your college or school's Advising office for more advising information.

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Clear Holds

Certain university offices may prevent you from registering or making registration changes (e.g., adding/dropping a course) by placing a hold on your account. This usually occurs if you have not fulfilled certain requirements (e.g., financial obligations, health clearance, academic advising, etc.). Visit Holds to learn how to view and remove holds placed on your account.

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Check Your Registration Time

You are assigned a specific registration time according to your student classification for a given semester (continuing classified, incoming, or unclassified). See the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Your registration time assignment will be available approximately two weeks before the start of your registration period.

To view your registration time assignment, login to STAR GPS Registration.

You can also check the Registration Timetable. When using the timetable, note the number of credits you have already earned (do not include courses in progress).

Once your assigned time begins you can continue to register during the designated registration periods for your student classification. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Note: UH Mānoa students are eligible to register for UH community college courses. To check your registration time, visit the Registration Timetable for the campus where you would like to take the course.

Employees and their spouses or domestic partners who wish to use an employee tuition waiver must register during the late registration period. Visit UH Employee Registration & Tuition Waivers for registration instructions.

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Check Class Schedule and Availability

Check Class Availability lists available classes and sections. Consult course listings regularly for the most up-to-date information on class cancellations, course additions, and changes in meeting times, locations, and instructors.

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Review Course Restrictions and Prerequisites

To avoid problems during registration, review course restrictions and prerequisites before attempting to register. In Check Class Availability look for a Restriction in the Title column or in the University Catalog look for course prerequisite requirements in the course descriptions.

You will get an error message while registering if you do not meet the requirements for a course. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to register for a course, contact the department offering the course.

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Register Online

STAR GPS Registration

STAR GPS Registration is a guided registration system for all UH Mānoa students. You select courses that meet your major and degree requirements while registering online.

To learn how to register in STAR GPS Registration, visit the STAR Help website.

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Submit Payment

If you are registered for courses at UH Mānoa, you are required to submit full tuition and fees payment or enroll in the installment payment plan by the published deadline for those courses.

The tuition and fees charts contain tuition rates for residents and non-residents.  Please make sure that your tuition status classification is correct before submitting payment.  If you feel that there is an error in your tuition status or would like to make a change to another tuition status, the last day to make changes to all tuition statuses is the 10th day of the semester.  You may petition for a change at the Admissions Information Counter, Queen Liliʻuokalani Center for Student Services, room 001.

Note: Tuition and fees charges for courses taken at other institutions (i.e., the community colleges) and extension courses are in addition to UH Mānoa tuition and fees and are charged separately.  For extension courses offered by Outreach College, you must select the "extension" term when registering and making payment (i.e., for "Fall 2017 Extension" term, select Fall Ext 2017).

Refer to Paying Your Bill for additional payment instructions.

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Add and/or Drop Courses

You can adjust your schedule by adding and/or dropping classes in STAR GPS Registration during the Add/Drop period. Review the Academic Calendar for specific Add/Drop dates and deadlines for your student classification. Visit Add or Drop Courses for policies and procedures and to learn how registration changes can affect you.

Note:  Add and drop deadlines for courses taken at other institutions (i.e., the community colleges) and extension courses may differ from UH Mānoa "day school" add and drop deadlines.  Visit Outreach College for details on add and deadlines for extension courses.

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Review Your Prior Term Grades

Remember to check your grades at the end of the semester to determine if you still meet the prerequisites for your registered courses. If you no longer meet the prerequisites for a course (i.e., you did not receive an acceptable grade for a prerequisite), you should drop the course. If you have any questions about your eligibility, contact the department offering the course.

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