Grades & Credits

Commonly-requested information about credits and grades is provided below. For more details on credit hours, grades, grading options, grade points, and grade point averages, refer to the University Catalog.

Credits & Enrollment Status

Enrollment status for fall and spring semesters is determined by the number of credits for which you enroll each semester. Credits taken for audit are not counted in determining full- or part-time enrollment status. Any changes to your enrollment status may impact benefits you are receiving, particularly financial aid. You are encouraged to consider the implications of changing your credit load carefully before adding or dropping classes.

Enrollment Status
12 or more
6 to 11
Less than half-time
1 to 5

Note: Graduate Division regulations determine classified graduate student enrollment status.

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Maximum Credit Overload

Undergraduate students are limited to 19 credits per semester. Graduate and other students are limited to 16 credits per semester. If you wish to exceed the credit limit, you must obtain approval from your college or school's Advising office. You must add additional courses after the semester begins but before the deadline to add classes.

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Grade Availability

For the fall and spring semesters, grades are typically available for viewing on the Wednesday following the end of final exam period.

Semester Date Grades Available
Fall 2019 December 25, 2019
Spring 2020 May 20, 2020

If a grade has not been posted by the grade availability date for a given semester, the course instructor has not submitted the grade. Please contact the instructor directly regarding the status of your final grade.

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View & Print Grades

To view your grades, log in to STAR GPS. Grades are not mailed.

Note: The Records Office does not produce unofficial transcripts. You may view and print your academic record in STAR via Transcripts. You may also request an official transcript.

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Grading Options

Undergraduates consult Undergraduate Education and graduate students consult Graduate Education in the University Catalog for academic policies on grading options (e.g., letter grade A-F, credit/no credit CR/NC, incomplete I, withdrawal W) or auditing a course. Refer to Add or Drop Courses for information on changing grading options.

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Grade Point Average (GPA)

Your UH Mānoa grade point average (GPA) is based solely on credits taken at UH Mānoa. To see your current and cumulative UH Mānoa GPA, go to MyUH and select STAR Degree Check/View Transcript. Please note that grades and GPAs do not transfer to UH Mānoa from other schools, including other UH campuses.

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