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Tuition & Fees

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Advisor Registration Checklist

Fall 2014

Welcome to another semester! Here's a checklist to ensure a successful registration.

Beginning April 4, view up-to-date online course listings at the Check Class Availability website.


checkbox Registration Flier

Post a flier (PDF) for your students.

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checkbox Registration Dates & Deadlines

Registration is held according to a student's classification (continuing classified or incoming and all unclassified). Each classification has its own MyUH Registration Timetable posted approximately two weeks prior to the corresponding registration period. Students can find their specific registration time assignment in MyUH on their Check My Registration Status page after the MyUH Registration Timetable has been posted. Registration time assignments are based on the total number of credits a student has already earned.

UH faculty or staff who plan to use tuition waivers must disregard their assigned MyUH registration date and time. They must register starting on August 25, 2014 during the Late Registration period and apply their waivers as payment by the published payment deadline (September 3). They must be currently enrolled or have been admitted as a fall 2014 student at UH Mānoa. Please refer to UH Employee Registration & Tuition Waivers for complete instructions.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for fall 2014 semester dates.

Fall 2014 Registration Dates (subject to change)
Continuing classified UH Mānoa students only

April 23 to May 2
The MyUH Registration Timetable for continuing classified students will be posted online by April 4
Registration continues until July 25 at 4:00 p.m. (HST)

Payment Receipt Deadline: July 25 at 4:00 p.m. (HST)

No registration activity from July 26 to August 17
Registration resumes on August 18

Incoming and all unclassified UH Mānoa students only

August 13 to 14

The MyUH Registration Timetable for incoming and all unclassified students will be posted online by July 28

Registration continues until August 17
Payment Receipt Deadline: September 3 at 4:00 p.m. (HST)

All UH Mānoa Students August 18 to 24 (No Late Fee)
Payment Receipt Deadline: September 3 at 4:00 p.m. (HST)
Late Registration August 25 to September 3 ($30 Late Fee)
Payment Receipt Deadline: September 3 at 4:00 p.m. (HST)
UH Employee (Faculty and Staff) and Eligible Spouse and Domestic Partner August 25 to September 3
Payment Receipt Deadline: September 3 at 4:00 p.m. (HST)
Note: Last day to submit UH employee and eligible spouse or domestic partner tuition waiver is September 15

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checkboxCourse Listings

Up-to-date fall 2014 course listings are available at Check Class Availability from April 4.

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checkboxRegistration Guide

The Registration Guide explains how to enroll in courses and pay tuition and fees. It also contains useful information such as the academic calendar, tuition and fees charts, placement test dates, final exam schedule, and campus map. Students are officially notified of important policies and information (i.e., the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA], Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy Statement, Graduation and Persistence Rates, and the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report) in the Registration Guide. The Registration Guide is available online only.

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checkboxTuition and Fees

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checkboxUpdate Department and School or College Website

Students may visit their department and school or college websites prior to registering. Please update your website with fall 2014 information by April 4 (suggested date). View Program Sheets for UH Mānoa bachelor's degrees.

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checkboxEnter Advising Holds

Departments placing advising holds to prevent fall 2014 registration should place holds effective April 4 to allow students enough time to remove them before registration begins. You must notify the affected students since this will prevent them from registering.

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checkboxEnter Course Approval Override Codes

Departments that have restricted courses or offer placement exams will need to enter the Course Approval Override code into students' records before they will be able to register for the appropriate course. You must also enter this code when granting approval to students who do not meet course prerequisites. These override codes must be entered either by the primary instructor via MyUH for Faculty or the departmental representative through the Banner online form. When selecting override codes, please choose ONLY the ones designated for UH Mānoa. Instructors can view the override codes that have been assigned for their classes in the Registration Overrides Summary option in MyUH.

Students can view override codes already assigned to them on their MyUH Check My Registration Status page. Please remind students that you are NOT registering them into the course. They must still register via MyUH during their registration period.

Refer to Registration Errors, Registration Override Codes Instructions, and Registration Override Codes Chart for more information.

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checkboxEnter Grades

Grades for UH Mānoa courses are due on Tuesday, December 23, 2014 at 4:00 pm (HST). Grades must be entered by the primary instructor via MyUH for Faculty or via Laulima for all students appearing on their class rosters. Students may view their grades via MyUH or STAR the following day.

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checkboxConfidentiality of Student Information

Student information is subject to the conditions of a federal law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please review this important document (PDF) and protect the confidentiality of student educational records.

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