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Executive and Managerial Evaluation

Executives and Managerials are responsible for providing effective academic and administrative leadership for the University of Hawaiʻi. It is through the expertise, initiative, and creativity of these individuals that the overall missions, visions and goals of the University are achieved. Executives and Managerials should be evaluated in a fair and consistent manner so that they are recognized for making decisions that ensure the viability of the University.

Pursuant to Board of Regents' Policies, Chapter 9-12, Executive and Managerial Personnel Policies, “Every appointee to an executive or managerial position shall be evaluated for performance and accomplishments annually during the March – June period according to criteria and procedures established by the President, which shall include performance categories as well as criteria upon which executive and managerial appointees are to be evaluated.  Such evaluation shall include a review of the position description and classification assignment of the position to which the individual has been appointed.”