3rd Annual BikeUHM Event: April 24, 2014

2nd Annual BikeUHM Event: Halloween on Wheels

First "BikeUHM" Event a Success

October 19, 2011 Hamilton Library Plaza
Photos Courtesy of Harry Partika and Phyllis Look

Bicycle Friendly University (BFU)

In Spring 2011, UH Mānoa submitted an application for the campus to be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly University. As part of the review process, the League of American Bicyclists conducted a survey in February 2011 to seek input from faculty, staff, and the student body to obtain a broader view of the UH Mānoa campus. The League has recognized the university with an Honorable Mention.

Comments and recommendations from the panel of judges were received in May 2011 to assist UH Mānoa in making the campus more bicycle-friendly.

UH Mānoa Bicycling Committee (UHMBC)

Formed in October 2008, the vision and mission of the UHMBC was to increase bicycling use through safer and more accessible roads and paths, improve bike resources on campus, develop biking policies and programs, and promote a bike-friendly environment.

Committee members were comprised of faculty, staff, and students interested in collaborating and working with the various campus, state, city, and neighborhood groups to develop a bike-friendly environment for the Mānoa campus, the surrounding community, and the State of Hawaiʻi.

Through the efforts of this committee, the first "sharrows" were installed in the State of Hawaiʻi and can now be seen on many roads across the state. The committee also took an active part in providing bicycling education, safety promotions, and cycling activities, such as the Move with Aloha initiative and BikeUHM event, for greater awareness. The campus was recognized with an Honorable Mention in 2011 as a Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.

Having accomplished the goals it set out to do, the committee decided to disband in February 2014 and instead focus it's efforts on supporting the numerous initiatives and efforts that have sprung forward in promoting and making our campus and community more sustainable.

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