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Campus Facilities Planning Board (CFPB)


The CFPB is an advisory group that reviews and advises the Chancellor on:

  • New construction projects;
  • Consulting architect selections for planning and design projects greater than one (1) million dollars;
  • Space renovation and alterations; and
  • Biennium and supplemental CIP programs.

The CFPB will also develop, recommend, and maintain policies and budget requests related to the development and utilization of campus facilities and grounds.

Board Members:

  • Chair - Stephen Meder, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Planning and Facilities
  • ASUH Representative - To be confirmed
  • Athletics - Ben Jay
  • Dean of Architecture
    • William Ditto (Interim till June 30, 2015)
  • Dean of Engineering - Peter Crouch
  • Faculty Representative - Cheri Vasek, Theatre and Dance
  • Faculty Representative - Spencer Leineweber, Architecture
  • GSO Representative - Newton Parks
  • Planning and Facilities - Hugh McKenzie
  • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - Reed Dasenbrock
  • Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance, and Operations - Kathy Cutshaw
  • Vice Chancellor for Research - Brian Taylor, Interim
  • Vice Chancellor for Students - Francisco Hernandez

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