Budget Prioritization Workgroup (BPW)

The Budget Prioritization Workgroup is the combined Budget Workgroup and the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Prioritization. The BPW is charged with developing medium and long-term recommendations for the Chancellor's consideration and meeting budget requirements for fiscal year 2011 and beyond based upon UH Mānoa's priorities.

As Chancellor Hinshaw stated in her Campus Budget Update (August 12, 2009) and Preliminary Recommendations on Prioritization (September 8, 2009), this combined group has begun to meet to examine and focus on academic priorities in the context of severe budget reductions and long-term goals. Co-chaired by Vice Chancellors Kathy Cutshaw and Reed Dasenbrock, the BPW includes representation from faculty, staff, and administrators.

Committee Members (in alphabetical order by first name):

  • Kathy Cutshaw, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance, and Operations - Co-Lead
  • Reed Dasenbrock, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - Co-Lead
  • Alan Teramura, Interim Dean of College of Natural Sciences
  • Ann Sakuma, Office of the VC for Administration, Finance, and Operations
  • Annette Chang, Director of Administration of CTAHR
  • Ashley Maynard, Chair of the Department of Psychology
  • Barry Weinman, Executive Committee of UH Foundation
  • Carl Clapp, Associate Director of Athletics
  • Carlos Andrade - Director of Center for Hawaiian Studies
  • Christine Sorensen, Dean of College of Education
  • Cynthia Scheopner, Graduate Student Organization
  • David Chin, Chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on Administration and Budget
  • David Duffy - Professor of Natural Sciences
  • David Lassner, Vice President of Information Technology Services
  • David Ross, Chair of the Senate Executive Committee
  • Debra Ishii, Mānoa Chancellor's Office
  • Denise Antolini, Professor of Law
  • Donna Vuchinich, President of UH Foundation
  • Francisco Hernandez, Vice Chancellor for Students
  • Gary Ostrander, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
  • Gregg Geary, Head of Sinclair Library
  • Gregg Takayama, Mānoa Chancellor's Office
  • Klaus Keil, Faculty of SOEST
  • Leon Richards, Chancellor of Kapiolani Community College
  • Maenette Benham, Dean of School of Hawaiian Knowledge
  • Mangmang Brown, UH Foundation
  • Marla Acosta, Secretary of School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
  • Mary Boland, Dean of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
  • Matthew Inouye, Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi
  • Mike Unebasami, Associate Vice President of Community Colleges
  • Myrtle Ching-Rappa, Director of Career Development & Student Employment
  • Nancy Foster, Chief Financial Officer of JABSOM
  • Pat Cooper, Associate Dean of SOEST
  • Peter Crouch, Dean of College of Engineering
  • Tim Merrill, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Tom Bingham, Interim Dean of Arts and Humanities
  • Tom Ramsey, Faculty of Department of Mathematics
  • Vance Roley, Dean of Shidler College of Business

Summary Points of Meetings:

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Data Analysis - From university data, identify and analyze areas for consideration and discussion by the wider university audience.

  • Peter Crouch – Lead
  • Christine Sorensen
  • Nancy Foster
  • David Chin
  • Tim Merrill

Graduate/Professional Tuition - To conduct an in-depth review of UH Mānoa’s differential tuition and fees and foregone graduate tuition revenue.

  • David Lassner - Lead
  • Gary Ostrander
  • Peter Garrod
  • Pat Cooper
  • Nancy Foster
  • Mary Boland
  • Bruce Liebert
  • Denise Antolini
  • Bill Chismar
  • Jeffrey Rich
  • Bob Richmond
  • Carlos Andrade

Position Control - To explore issues relating to centralized position control and recommend methods for shared centralization/decentralization.

  • Tom Bingham – Lead
  • Juanita Andaya
  • Krystyna Aune
  • Tammy Kuniyoshi
  • Avi Soifer
  • Christine Sorensen
  • Ann Sakuma

Redundancy - To identify areas of duplication across campus.

  • Gregg Geary – Lead
  • Christine Sorensen
  • Pat Cooper
  • Peter Crouch
  • David Duffy
  • David Lassner
  • Tim Merrill

Revenue Sharing - To review tuition revenue distribution.

  • Reed Dasenbrock – Lead
  • Kathy Cutshaw
  • Vance Roley
  • Kat Tagaca
  • Joe O’Mealy
  • Carol Karimoto
  • Sheryl Tashima
  • Torben Nielsen

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