Reporting a Lost or Stolen Manoa One Card

Is your One Card missing?

Cardholders are responsible for immediately reporting a lost or stolen Manoa One Card.

Contact the ID Office at (808) 956-7236 or email to request to have your card frozen. Please include "Lost or Stolen Card" in the subject line. You may be contacted back to verify your information, so please provide your contact information in the body of the email.


Use eAccounts™ to Freeze and Unfreeze your card immediately.

Stop by the ID Office (Campus Center 212) during business hours to get a new Manoa One Card. As specified in the ID application, there is a $25 replacement fee for replacement cards.

Did you find someone's UH Manoa ID?

Contact to help us freeze the card account. Please include "Found Card" in the subject line and the information that is printed on the card.

Stop by the ID Office (Campus Center 212) during business hours to return the recovered card. Collect your good karma points.

Your Manoa One Card is used to verify your identity and to complete financial transactions, so cardholders must be careful with the whereabouts of their cards in order to keep it safe. Use of the card by anyone other than the individual issued the card is strictly prohibited. The card holder can and will be held liable for illegal use, and is responsible for reporting a lost or stolen card.