University of Hawaii at Manoa


Teachers can utilize OLA as a support for their students in any of the following ways:

  • differentiated instruction - tutors can work with a student or group of students on certain skills or topics
  • content review - students can ask for assistance with class information they donít understand or for which they need clarification
  • independent practice - tutors can go over classwork or unfinished classwork with students
  • advisory activity - students can log in during advisory time to complete homework or unfinished classwork
  • assessment prep - tutors can prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests
  • assessment corrections - students can review with tutors missed problems and correct their assessments with the right answers
  • homework problems - tutors can help with a wide variety of homework types (i.e., practice problems, essays, science lab reports, projects, brainstorming project ideas, science fair projects, etc.)
  • AP course review and test prep (NEW) - tutors can with students regularly for content review and test preparation