New farmers market and agricultural tourism manual available

UHM CTAHR, UH Hilo, and farmers market managers outline best practices

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Luisa Castro, 808-974-7664
Program Coordinator, College of Continuing Education and Community Serv
Frederika Bain, (808) 956-3092
Writer/editor, Office of Communication Services
Posted: Jul 3, 2014

A helpful, collaborative manual for farmers market and agtourism professionals
A helpful, collaborative manual for farmers market and agtourism professionals

UH Mānoa’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) and UH Hilo’s College of Continuing Education and Community Service recently collaborated with five current farmers market and agritourism managers to craft a Hawai‘i-specific best practices manual. The 36-page cookbook-style manual is an easy-to-read rapid reference for new and experienced vendors at farmers markets and agriculture tourism venues.

Hawai‘i Farmers Market and Agritourism Venues: Best Food Business and Food Handling Practices for Farmers and Vendors is based on solid experience from people who run some of Hawai‘i’s best farmers markets,” says CTAHR’s Jim Hollyer, who funded the project with resources from the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture’s Agribusiness Development Corporation. Luisa F. Castro, the project coordinator for the manual from UHH, says, “We did extensive research on similar guides and tested out and refined the content with two panels of experienced farmers market vendors, so we know we have a useful educational tool.” 

The farmers market manual covers marketing and food safety in significant detail, illustrated with dozens of photo examples. Contributors represent all Hawai‘i counties, different organizations, and a variety of markets. Castro says, “We looked for experience, market leadership, and a willingness to contribute all they know from our co-authors, and we are pleased with the collaboration.” 

Co-authors include Nancy Ginter-Miller, Produce to Product, Inc.; Pamela Boyar, FarmLovers Farmers’ Markets; Lani R. Weigert, Hawai‘i Agritourism Association; Neil Coshever, Upcountry Farmers Market, and Melissa McFerrin Warrack, Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau, in addition to Castro and Hollyer.

Copies are being distributed to each island by the authors, and additional copies can be obtained from Luisa F. Castro at UHH ( / (808) 974-7664) to bona-fide market vendors.  The manual can also be downloaded for free here: