Dr. Kenneth Cassman Named 2003 CTAHR Outstanding Alumnus

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Posted: Apr 16, 2003

Dr. Kenneth G. Cassman, professor and head of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska, has been selected as UH Mānoa‘s 2003 College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources‘ (CTAHR) Outstanding Alumnus, and will be honored on Friday, April 25, 2003, at the Ala Moana Hotel, where he will present a keynote address on "Agricultural Development and World Peace."

Cassman received his master‘s (1977) and doctoral (1979) degrees in agronomy and soil science from UH, and has achieved international recognition for his outstanding contributions to sustainable food production in the developing countries of the world. In addition to his present position, he has served as head of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Philippines, and as assistant and associate professor in the Department of Agronomy and Range Science at the University of California, Davis.

He is a Fellow of the Soil Science and Crop Science Societies of America, the highest recognition given to any member, and in 2000 won the Robert E. Wagner Award. He has also received the Research and Education Award from the Nebraska Fertilizer and Agricultural Chemical Institute and won the M.S. Swaminathan Outstanding Research Award from the Philippine Council for Agricultural and Natural Resources and Development. Today, Cassman plays an even more critical role by serving as an advisor to international development agencies to help them design strategies that address global poverty and food insecurity. His critical work to further the "Green Revolution," which involves simultaneous development of new varieties of food plants and altered agricultural practices that greatly increase crop yields and ensure global food security, is exemplary.

For more information about the April 25th event or to register to attend, contact Merrissa Uchimura in the CTAHR Publications and Information Office at (808) 956-6016 or e-mail merrissa@hawaii.edu.