Secure your doors and property

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Donald Dawson, (808) 956-8211
Captain University Security - Manoa
Posted: May 25, 2002

There has been an increase in thefts on the UHM campus. Items taken include cash, laptops, and wallets where credit cards wereused at nearby convenience stores.

Several complaints were made of an unknown male discovered inoffices. After staff had questioned the individual he would claimto be looking for a relative, a class or another building (usually Art).This individual is believed to be responsible for a large percentage of these crimes.

Known description is as follows:Possibly Filipino or Micronesian male, dark complexion,mid 20's, 5'6", 150 lbs., sometimes wearing a baseball cap, carrying a backpack and riding a black bicycle.

The Campus Security Office is asking for your assistance in apprehending this individual. If you see this person call CampusSecurity immediately at extension 66911 or 956-6911 with his location and a brief description of what he is wearing.

We also ask for your assistance in securing your workplace withthe following tips:

1. Secure your personal valuables in locked drawers or cabinets.

2. Lock your office door each time you leave. Even just for a minute.

3. Question strangers found in your office and or building. Call Campus Security if they appear suspicious.

4. Help your neighbors, question strangers you see entering or exiting their unoccupied office(s). Call Campus Security if they appear suspicious.

Your Campus Security Office is open 24 hours a day, seven days aweek and we're located at 1980 East West Rd., just after the BioMedical School. Call 956-8211 or 956-6911.