UH West O‘ahu professor’s ‘Sweatshop’ essay published in Encyclopedia of Social Problems

University of Hawaiʻi-West Oʻahu
Julie Funasaki Yuen, (808) 454-4821
Public Relations and Marketing Department
Posted: Aug 21, 2008

UH West Oʻahu Professor Dr. Joyce Chinen‘s essay "Sweatshop" was recently published in Sage Publication‘s two-volume Encyclopedia of Social Problems.

The essay offers a definition of the term "sweatshop" and addresses

· the evolution of sweatshops and the "sweating" system

· sweatshop prohibition in the United States and other industrial nations and

· sweatshop reemergence and infiltration into new industries and occupations including many professions.

Offering an interdisciplinary perspective into many social issues, the Encyclopedia of Social Problems covers all major theories, approaches and contemporary issues in social problems and provides insight into how conditions are defined and highlights different problem solving approaches.

Dr. Joyce Chinen is a professor of sociology at UH West Oʻahu specializing in the study of the intersection of race, class and gender in various sites of work including employment, household work, carework, volunteer work, and consumption work. She is the university‘s campus liaison for the Bridge To Hope program that assists low-income parents with higher education needs. She is also an advisor to the UH West Oʻahu Sociology Club. Dr. Chinen serves on the steering committee of the newly established Center for Okinawan Studies, and is one of two sociologists on the State of Hawaiʻi‘s Historic Places Review Board.

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