Self Analysis

Official evaluation of transfer work for core requirements is completed by the Office of Admissions and Records after acceptance by the University, and a student’s submission of the Statement of Intent form and payment of the Partial Advance Tuition Payment. Major requirements are evaluated by the student’s major department. This section is only meant to provide prospective students with a general idea of what requirements they may have already fulfilled and what requirements they may still need to fulfill.

In general, credits from accredited institutions are accepted, but course equivalencies may or may not be granted. General education requirements from out-of-state schools and non-UH system schools may be different from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa’s general education requirements. Therefore, students should not assume that if they have completed the general education requirements at another school that they have fulfilled that portion of their requirements.

All students have several levels of requirements.

  1. Credit and GPR requirements
  2. College / Program course requirements
  3. General Education course requirements (including Focus requirements)
  4. Major course requirements

Course and credit requirements can be analyzed only after Admissions and Records determines which credits it will accept.

Major requirements can be found in the catalog (

Since major departments determine course equivalencies, students from non-UH system schools may want to bring copies of their catalog (if it is not available on the Internet) as well as syllabi for courses in case they would like to have courses re-evaluated later.

Steps for informal self-evaluation

Students can do informal self-evaluations by following the steps below:

  • Students can use the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs website: to access updated course articulation information for coursework taken from UH System campuses.
  • The Office of Admissions and Records Transfer Credit Search database can be used for non-system coursework. This database is historic, and provides information on previous transfer equivalencies.
  • Information on Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) work can be found at
  • Students should create a list with
    • a complete list of courses,
    • the semester each course was taken,
    • the grade for each course and
    • potential equivalency for the course.
  • Using the degree informaiton available on our Degree Requirements webpage, roughly assess which requirements have been completed to estimate those which you can work on during your first semester at UHM.

In general, students should stay away from courses that they feel they may later get credit for – especially if they plan to have courses re-evaluated. If the transfer credit evaluation lists (to department for review) - the course has already been sent out to that department for further evaluation. Students should expect to hear an update from Admissions and Records if equivalency is granted, or they can check with their college /school advisor in a month if they do not hear anything.

Transfer students should make an in-person appointment to meet with their advisor as soon as they can do so to review their schedule, estimated equivalencies, and to work on resolving transfer issues.