Registration Tips

Registration for incoming students at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa can be challenging. Continuing students have already registered, and remaining spaces in classes are limited. Do not get discouraged. Next semester, you will register as a continuing student, with an earlier registration time. Your registration appointment time will reflect the total credits you have earned prior to this semester. To make the most of your first semester, please keep the following considerations in mind:

Academic considerations

  • If you are an undeclared or pre-major (i.e. Pre-Business, Pre-Psychology, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Education, etc.), visit the Manoa Advising Center (MAC) in QLC 101 to get some basic information on your course requirements or for referral to the appropriate advisers.
  • If you have a declared major, you will want to speak with the advisors at your college or school, You may also find their contact information on individual department websites,, or come to MAC for a referral.
  • Familiarize yourself with your graduation, general education and major requirements. Resources which provide you with this information are:
  • Check the catalog ( to:
  • If you are incoming freshman for fall, consider taking an Access to College Excellence (ACE) learning community and/or a freshman seminar.
    • To sign up and for further information, please visit:
    • ACE will give you less than a fulltime load. You will need to register for one or two additional classes on your own to equal 12 or more credits.
  • If you still cannot decide what to take, think about fulfilling Focus requirements. You will need to complete them by the time you graduate.
  • Check your (final exam schedule to be sure that there are no conflicts or to prevent too many finals being scheduled on the same day. If you need plane reservations to head home, you will also be able to figure out when you can reserve them.
  • If you are pre-med, pre-law or pre-health, visit the Professions Advising Center ( to get advice on selecting your major and to talk about course sequencing.

Practical considerations

  • Get your UH username and password early so that you will be all set to register at
  • Check the MyUH registration website ( or the Schedule of Classes to see what sections of the class are available as well as to find out whether you will require any placement exams or approval codes to take the class.
  • You need at least 12 credits to be considered a full-time student. As a general guideline, freshmen are encouraged to take 12 credits (15 credits at most) until you gain your grounding. Transfer students may want to start at 12-15 credits as well.
  • Use a “time block” worksheet to figure out your schedule. This is available on the MyUH registration website.
  • Create a “wish list”: list the CRN (course reference numbers) on a sheet to save you time later.
  • A day prior to your registration, check the updated seat availability and adjust your registration plans.
  • MyUH tip: do the on-line pre-registration checklist and tutorials to practice.
  • Make sure you schedule in lunch breaks and study breaks.
  • Check the campus map to ensure you will have enough time to get to classes. There is a 10 minute break between classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a 15 minute break between classes on Tuesday and Thursday. It is difficult to go from one end of campus (i.e. Moore Hall to the Athletic complex or Kamakakuokalani Building to other buildings in 10 minutes.)
  • Think of the balance of courses – in a given semester, do you have too many exam-based classes or too many labs or too many writing-based classes?
  • Think of other demands on your time and adjust your credit load accordingly.
    • Work
    • Co-curricular activities
    • Family commitments
    • Clubs, sports, activities.

During registration:

  • Be sure to register for the right campus and right semester.
  • In order to cut down on the time it takes to register, register for all your classes at the same time, instead of submitting one class at a time and seeing if you got it. Just be certain to select the right school and type in the course number for each class on a different search tab. When you have identified all the classes click on the submit changes button and register at one time.
  • Check your registration status. (Login to your MyUH account at, and click on “Check Registration Status” to see when you are eligible to register, and for any holds you may have.) If you have a hold on your record, you will need to clear it with the department listed in order to register.
  • Always double check your class schedule to ensure that it is correct and print out a copy in case you need it later.
  • Check your tuition and fees. Be sure to pay by the deadline or your classes could be cancelled.
  • Update your personal contact information, if necessary.
  • Click complete registration to end the registration session and be sure to log out.

After your first registration:

You should make an appointment to see your college, school, and major advisors to ensure you understand how your current and transfer coursework fits in with UHM’s requirements. You will also want to speak with them regarding any academic questions you may have.