FAQ's From Pre-Major Students*

* Effective Fall 2011, Pre-Psychology students are housed within the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and will receive advising services from the Colleges of Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services office.

1. What’s the difference between undecided and pre-major?

Either way, you are not officially in any major program and are not fully admitted to a college or a school within UHM. Pre-major students simply are showing their interest in a given potential field while undecided students are unsure about their majors.

2. Do I have to declare myself pre-major or can I remain undecided?

It is up to you - both undecided and pre-major students fall under the Mānoa Advising Center.

3. How do I declare myself as a pre-major?

You will need to come to the Mānoa Advising Center to fill out a MAC Change of Major Request Form.

4. What if I want to change from one pre-major to another?

It’s possible to do this. You will need to come to MAC to fill out a MAC Change of Major Request Form. Please remember that doing so does not put you into the other major, it simply changes your temporary classification until you can declare. All pre-majors and undecided students are advised by MAC.

5. If I’m a pre-major, what college or school do I fall under?

You can check STAR to see what you are officially classified as. If you are a pre-major or general arts and sciences student, you fall under MAC until you are able to declare your major.

6. How do I know whether to get advising from MAC or from my pre-major department or college / school?

You should get assistance from MAC, but many departments, colleges and schools will also see potential students. MAC can help you develop an academic plan up to the point in which you apply or are able to declare. As you get closer to applying, you may need to work with your department or college / school on specific admissions questions / issues.

7. How do I calculate GPA?

See link

8. When do I apply to my major / college / school?

You will need to check with the department /college / school or MAC. In many cases, you can apply (and are encouraged to do so) while you are still finishing up your final admission requirements. Some colleges / schools have restrictions in terms of how many final requirements you can take in your final semester.

9. What if I’m not accepted?

You should make an appointment with a MAC advisor to discuss why you were not accepted and to decide on the course of action. In some cases, there are steps that you can take to improve your chances of being selected. In other cases, it may be beneficial to explore other options. A MAC advisor can work with you on this.


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