Grade Point Average (GPA)

Your GPA is calculated by multiplying the number of credits for each course by the grade points, based on the letter grade earned. This is then divided by the total number of credits attempted in which the letter grades were received.

For help calculating your current GPA and your expected GPA use the MAC GPA Calculator here

There are several different GPAs which may be considered for admission into a program. Different departments have different policies regarding the calculation of GPAs for admission purposes and treatment of repeated coursework in each. In general, there are three types of GPAs used in admission:

  • Cumulative GPA: Consists of all courses taken for a letter grade at UHM. Your UHM cumulative GPA does not factor in any coursework from other campuses. However, UHM Outreach College courses are included.
  • Admission GPA: Consists of all college-level coursework completed at UHM or other postsecondary institutions. Note that many programs use this term interchangeably with cumulative GPA. You will need to check with your advisor to confirm what is intended. This is manually calculated by the individual departments or colleges.
  • Pre-requisite GPA: Calculated based on grades earned in required pre-requisite coursework. This is manually calculated by the individual departments or colleges. You will need to check with them on their policy for repeating courses.

Provided as a basic illustration (please refer to the appropriate college or program to confirm the requirements you must meet to be eligible for admission):

Shidler College of Business Nursing Program
Cumulative GPA Minimum 2.0 = UHM GPA
Admission GPA Minimum 2.5 = UHM GPA + Transfer GPA Minimum 2.5 = UHM GPA + Transfer GPA
Pre-requisite GPA Minimum 2.5 in pre-business core courses Calculated based on pre-nursing core courses
Repeats If only one choice of class, all attempts used in GPA calculations 6 credits allowed

You will want to check with your intended department to determine what GPAs are used in admission, and to confirm their policies regarding repeated courses.