Freshman & Sophomore checklists

College is not only for taking classes and completing the requirements. It is a place to learn, gain experience, and grow personally to become a citizen equipped with independent mind that supports life-long learning. Use the checklists below to learn what you should do to get the most of college education and have a productive freshman and sophomore year!

Freshmen year:

First semester:

  • Set up your learning environment. Check your UH e-mail account regularly and read all messages before deleting them.
  • Attend classes!
  • Keep track of your weekly study schedule and record for each class how long you spent previewing, reviewing, doing assignments, and preparing for mid terms & final exams.
  • If possible, take an introductory course or pre-requisite course(s) in your potential major.
  • Find out what your entrance / application requirements (GPA requirements, course pre-requisites, tests / exams, other requirements, such as field experience or interviews) are so that you can keep track of them.
  • Explore UHM campus and its neighborhood
  • Check resources & programs available for freshmen
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your first semester at UHM, major requirements, and degree requirements.

Second semester:

  • Meet with your academic advisor to check your progress, assess how the introductory / pre-requisite major courses went. discuss your major, campus resources and your plan for sophomore year.
  • If the course(s) went well, continue to fulfill the requirements. Develop a plan to determine what you need to work on and when you need to fulfill it in order to keep on track with an advisor.
  • If the course(s) did not go well, or was not what you expected, then you may want to discuss other options with an advisor.
  • Stay active in classes. Ask questions, visit instructors during their office hours, form study groups with your classmates, use tutoring services, etc.
  • Check various campus events and participate in at least one or two
  • Check activities and opportunities that help enrich your college experience (click to view a list of opportunities)

Sophomore year:

Third semester:

Fourth semester:

  • Apply for your major by the deadline.
  • Establish your study habit and strategies
  • Do some more engagement activities. Be an active member of the UHM community.
  • Set academic & career related goals for your junior and senior years and make a plan in order to achieve those goals.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your decision on major and other academic options (e.g., double majoring, minors) and develop a comprehensive plan for the reminder of your college career at UHM

Additional resource for sophomore students: Sophomore Experience

End of sophomore: Declare a major!

Check out our list of Enrichment Opportunities to help make the most of your Freshmen and Sophomore years.

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