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Residential Learning Programs

One of the ways to enhance your on-campus living experience is by being a resident in a Residential Learning Program. Student Housing Services is partnering with academic departments and/or campus resource offices to establish Residential Learning Programs that foster a greater connection between the in-class learning experience and the out of class experience. Research has shown that residential learning experiences provide positive impacts on student satisfaction, connection to the university and academic performance. Ultimately, we believe these communities can help you develop long lasting connections while also focusing on your academic aspirations.

Students with similar majors or interests will live together on selected residential floors. Residents will be able to study together, work together and learn from each other.  Hall staff will focus programming elements to connect classroom learning with your out of class experience. Specific activities may include:

  • Social programming focused on bringing students and communities together
  • Inviting faculty or outside practitioners to the halls for events, lectures or community programs
  • Study, tutor or advising sessions presented by department staff or students to aid students in their academic pursuits
  • Programming focused on experiential learning such as film series, cultural experiences and off-campus excursions