Other Off-Campus Accomodations

Important information regarding off-campus facilities...

Our program is here to provide as much information as possible to University of Hawaii students, faculty, and staff. The Other Off-Campus Accommodations listed are either within walking distance to University of Hawaii campuses or are along a bus route. Like the Student Housing Services office on the Mānoa campus, they also receive an overwhelming number of applicants prior to the start of a semester. Space is limited, particularly in private residence halls, therefore it is well advised that you contact these entities for more specific information and apply as early as possible.

Please note: Rates are subject to change without notice. While we strive to keep posted information up-to-date, the lists are provided only as general information; the University of Hawaii does not inspect these facilities and is not making any recommendations concerning them. Prior to signing a lease please understand that it is a binding contract. Be sure to read carefully and be aware of any part of the contract that you are unclear or hesitant about.