Move-In Frequently Asked Questions

Move-In Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  When will I find out who my roommate(s) will be?

A.  If a student has authorized the housing department to release their name and contact information, this information will be available from our website beginning August 7, 2018.  Confirmed residents will receive an email with instructions on how to obtain roommate information.


Q.  Will I be able to change my room or hall after I check in?

A.  Room or hall transfers will begin approximately 2 weeks after the halls open. Residents will be emailed detailed instructions on how to request a hall or room transfer shortly after hall opening.

Q.  What items will I need and don’t need to bring with me?

A.  Information on recommended items to bring and prohibited items may be found on the “What to bring” page on this site.  Information on our mattress sizes will be available to best ensure that you get the correct sheet size for your bed.


Q.  Can I mail packages to my hall before I check in?

A.  Yes, however any packages sent directly to the halls should be sent to arrive AFTER you move in. Building staff will not accept packages before hall opening as they are not equipped to safeguard such deliveries.

Meal Plans

Q.  Am I required to have a meal plan?

A.  If you are assigned to a residence hall, your participation in the meal program is required.  If you are assigned to an apartment community, your participation in the meal program is not required.  However, apartment residents may elect to have a regular meal plan or participate in a plan designed for apartment residents.  Meal plan information may be found at:

Assignment Cancellation

Q. What must I do if I have changed my mind about living in the residence halls or apartments?

A.  If you have already accepted your housing contract, i.e. made a payment and signed the contract, you must notify the Student Housing Service’s Office in writing.  Your notification must include your university student ID, provide the effective date of your contract termination, and state why you are terminating your housing contract. Contract cancellation penalties will apply; detailed information about these penalties may be found at: and Contract Cancellation Terms section.

Health Clearance

Q.  Do I need to have a Health Clearance?

A.  A valid health clearance from University Health Services ( is required to live in student housing.  This clearance verifies that you have a valid tuberculosis clearance and are current on your measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations.  You will not be allowed to move in without a valid health clearance.

Early Check-In

Q.  Will I be able move into my halls before my scheduled check-in date?

A.  Students who arrive before the scheduled hall opening dates must find alternative off-campus housing. Our Conference Housing program ( may also be an option, however spaces are very limited at this time.


Q.  I made the initial housing payment of $400.  How do I check my balance or make additional payments?

A.  Your housing balance may be paid either by visiting the Student Housing Services cashier office or online at:  Refer to for online payment methods accepted by the University.

Please note that online payments require payment of your entire balance including, but not limited to, tuition and fee charges.

Payments to the Student Housing Services cashier office may be made via credit or debit cards, check (payable to University of Hawaii) or money order. Payments may be made in person or via mail or fax.  To ensure that your account is properly credited, your name and student ID number should be included with your payment.

Q.  Why does my housing charge cover only the fall costs when I have an academic year housing contract?

A.  The Student Housing Services office follows the university practice of billing by semester.  The spring portion of your housing cost will be posted to your account in mid-October.

Q.  I will be receiving financial aid that will cover my housing and meal (if applicable) costs. How do I make my housing payment?

A.  Hopefully, you have already made your initial payment by the deadline indicated on your housing invoice.  If you paid your entire housing balance, any remaining balance will be disbursed into your MyUH student account when your financial aid is received.  If you paid only the initial $400 housing payment, you will be responsible to meet all housing payment deadlines.  Please contact the Student Housing Services cashier office if you have payment questions before a payment is due.

UH Manoa ID card

Q.  How do I get my student ID card?

A.  You can obtain your UH Manoa ID Card, now known as the Manoa One Card, at the Campus Center Ticket, Information and ID Office after you have registered for classes. See for more information.