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Updated April 29, 2014

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Residential Life Mission and Vision


The mission of Residential Life is to support the academic and personal success of our students through leadership development, residential learning programs, partnerships with parents & families, and connections with campus and community resources.


By utilizing the guiding principles listed below, Residential Life will be a strong contributor to the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Student Housing Services missions.

We envision:

  • Maintaining a positive attitude in our interaction with all people with whom we come in contact;
  • Supporting retention though intentional academic and social programming, leadership development, and fostering meaningful connections to the campus community;
  • Continuous evolution of services through responsible stewardship of resources and critical evaluation and assessment to meet the dynamic needs of our students;
  • Cultivating a strong sense of “UH Pride;”
  • Supporting an understanding, celebration, and respect of the diverse cultures within the Hawaiian Islands;
  • Establishing an environment where ALL students feel welcomed, valued, and safe;
  • Empowering our students to be positive conduits of change through personal responsibility and advocacy;
  • Valuing personal rights and recognizing the responsibilities that support human dignity and civility within the campus community;
  • Maintaining a strong partnership with parents and families to enhance the holistic development of our students;
  • Encouraging students to respect and take pride in their environment;
  • Conducting all aspects of our work in a manner that is student centered;
  • Promoting global citizenship through life-long learning opportunities.

Residential Life Values

  • ALOHA - Respect, Compassion, Empathy
  • MĀLAMA - To care for; to maintain, to protect
  • KULEANA - Privilege, Responsibility, Obligation
  • `OHANA - UH Community, Department, Units
  • PO`OKELA - Excellence, Achievements, Outstanding


An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution