Internet (ResNet)

Phone Number: 956-6800
Located in the Hale Aloha Complex across from Hale Aloha Mokihana, ResNet support offers services to residents with problems connecting to the Internet. This includes spyware/adware removal, virus removal, and installation of McAfee Antivirus software provided by UH ITS (Information Technology Services).
ResNet Support for Computing and Connectivity Issues
Repairs: For all computer or internet connectivity issues, please call 956-6800.
ResNet provides free limited technical support for all Student Housing Services residents. Be ready to provide the following information:
Name, hall, room number, telephone number, specific jack location explanation of problem.  The ResNet staff will determine how best to correct the problem. All users of ResNet services are expected to abide by the ResNet Policy.

ResNet and UH ITS does not provide support for online virus scanners.


ResNet Policy

UH ITS help desk

McAfee Antivirus Software from UH ITS

UH policy on access and acceptable use