With the exception of Frear Hall, mail services are provided Monday through Saturday (Frear Hall mail delivery is Monday-Friday only). Mail service is not provided on Sundays and Holidays. Mail is sorted by a mail clerk and placed in the resident’s mailbox. DUE TO FEDERAL REGULATIONS, NO MAIL WILL BE DISTRIBUTED DIRECTLY TO RESIDENTS BY THE COMMUNITY DESK.


Residents are responsible for checking their mailboxes daily. Student Housing Services, Residence Hall Association and hall staff will be placing important information in these mailboxes. Residents will be held responsible for such information.


United State Postal Service (USPS)

 Our community desk will accept deliveries for any of the following U.S. Postal Service mail: oversized, certified, registered, or postage due. Residents will receive a Delivery Notice in their mailbox. Residents will need to bring the notice to the community desk with picture identification and sign for their mail items.


Private Mail Service (Federal Express, United Parcel Service, etc.)

Private mail couriers will be allowed to contact the resident from the community desk and/or by leaving a note that will be placed in the resident’s mailbox. Due to liability reasons, mail items from private delivery mail couriers (Federal Express, UPS, DHL, etc.) will only be accepted after mail pick-up slips have been signed by the resident. If a mail waiver form which authorized Student Housing Services to sign on a resident’s behalf for private mail is not signed, residents will be responsible for arranging a specific time and place of delivery of the private courier items.


Outgoing Mail

Most of our communities have mail drops for outgoing mail. Mail can also be dropped off at one of the mailbox locations on campus.


Mail Forwarding

Upon the completion of an academic year, and/or termination of the resident’s housing contract, mail will be forwarded to a designated address for 30 days. NO MAIL WILL BE FORWARDED DURING THE WINTER AND SPRING INTERIM BREAKS. Mail will be held in the respective halls until residents return. If a resident is not returning, the resident will be responsible for providing the hall staff, upon checkout, with the her/his forwarding address. Residents will be responsible for notifying ALL campus departments and businesses (banks, credit card companies, magazines, etc...) of their new address. It is imperative that the resident also update their mailing address on MyUH.