Check-Out Procedures

Check-Out Procedures

Approximately two to three weeks prior to the end of the semester, the hall staff will begin posting check-out information. Specific details for end of semester check-outs will be distributed via e-mail and/or a memo in the resident’s mailbox and/or a floor meeting. Please remember, the resident is responsible for reading and following ALL instructions. Specific instructions will vary from hall to hall. It is important that all procedures are followed or the resident may be subject to financial penalties. If a room is not completely vacated, or abandoned items are not reclaimed, a packing and storage fee of a minimum of $50 per person will be assessed. If a resident is checking out prior to the end of the semester, please contact the hall staff for specific instructions.


When the staff comes to the room/apartment, they will check the resident’s room/apartment for completion of items such as the following:


  • All personal belongings must be removed (prior to room inspection). Trash must also be removed and properly disposed.
  • Room/Apartment must be cleaned. Remove all decorations. Sweep and vacuum the floors. Remove debris. Dispose of boxes in ground floor trash dumpster.
  • Windows must be closed, drapes drawn, and all appliances emptied and cleaned.
  • All furniture must be placed in the original position.
  • Hall staff will assess for any damages.
  • Hall staff will sign the Room/Apartment Condition Form.
  • Turn off lights, lock doors. No returning to the room/apartment once check out is completed.
  • Return any vacuum cleaners, hand trucks and any other hall equipment borrowed from the community desk.


At the time of checkout the resident will also be required to do the following (Please note, check-out procedures may vary in the Apartment Complexes. Information regarding check-out procedures will be distributed to Apartment residents approximately three weeks prior to hall closing):

  • Sign out on the Room/Apartment Condition Form
  • Sign out on the Occupancy Record Form.
  • Turn in all keys.
  • Leave a forwarding address.
  • Update mailing/contact information in MyUH Student Account.  Any charges will be billed to the resident’s MyUH Account.


Mail Forwarding

It is the responsibility of the resident to ensure that their mail forward address is accurate in the MyUH Student Account prior to check-out. Hall staff may also require departing residents to fill out a separate mail forwarding card. Mail is forwarded for thirty (30) days past check-out. After thirty days, mail is returned to sender.