University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Student Housing Services

Latest News and Updates:


  • Tropical Storm Darby Update (July 22, 2016)

As you may know, Tropical Storm Darby has entered the central Pacific Ocean. If it continues on its current path it is projected to approach Oahu as early as Sunday. Over the next few days, we anticipate increased rain, winds and high surf as the storm approaches. Based on its current trajectory and strength, we do not anticipate needing to relocate anyone at this time. We will continue to monitor the storm's path and will communicate updates as needed.

Additionally, we recommend the following for residents:

If you have any questions, please contact your Resident Assistant or Conferences Staff,

  • Keep emergency numbers handy. This includes the Department of Public Safety (808) 956-6911 or (808) 973-2899 and 911 emergency response.
  • Keep Student Housing Services numbers handy. Housing contact information (including hall/apartment RA on-call or community desk numbers) can be found at
  • Make a plan for contacting family in the event of an emergency and phone service is out.
  • Store some basic emergency supplies: extra blanket, flashlight, batteries, a first aid kit, 3-day supply of water and non-perishable food items.
  • Exercise extreme caution if you will be going to the beach. Do not swim where there are no lifeguards present and follow directives of all ocean safety personnel.
  • Sign up for UH Alert to be informed via text about emergency situations
  • Keep informed: Stay updated on the latest weather information and preparedness recommendations at the UH Manoa Emergency Page. The University, Department of Public Safety, and Student Housing Services will monitor the situation and provide additional guidance on preparations needed. Student Housing Services will send email communications with housing specific updates and instructions, as well as post these on this website.


  • Academic Year 2016-2017 Meal Plan Change/Additione (7/6/2016)

If you are a confirmed resident and would like to change or add a meal plan for the Academic Year 2016-2017 year, please fill out the attached form and submit it to the Student Housing Services office located at Frear Hall by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2016 BY 4:00PM (Hawaii Standard Time).

FA16 Meal Plan Form (Pre-Hall Opening).pdf

  • Cable TV Service (6/23/2016)

As a result of student feedback and analysis of data usage, Student Housing is no longer providing cable television service to our residents. Our current focus is to upgrade the network connectivity within our residential community by increasing the available bandwidth to all residents.

While we are certain that this change will benefit the majority of our residents, we understand that some residents will be disappointed. Our ResNet support team may be able to assist you with alternative suggestions to watch your favorite programming. They may be contacted by calling 956-6800.

  • Expecting a Refund (security deposit, etc..)? (May 7, 2015)

Please be sure that your mailing address listed in your MyUH account is current at all times. Incorrect or old mailing addresses account for most of the undeliverable mail that the university receives. Update your information. Remember to update your mailing address on your MyUH account. This will ensure that refund checks are sent to your correct address. Note that mailing addresses which do not include apartment numbers (if applicable), will not be delivered by the postal service. If you have a US bank checking or savings account, refunds can be deposited directly into your account via eRefund. Sign up for eRefund through your MyUH account.

  • Pupukahi i holomua! (By working together, we make progress!)

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