Required Grades

With the exception of transfer credits, credits used to meet graduate degree requirements must meet minimum grade requirements as indicated below.

Required Courses For most graduate programs, the required grade is C-minus or above. However, some programs do not accept C grades for required courses. Students should check with their graduate programs. A student who receives a D or an F for a required course must repeat the course.
Elective Courses C-minus or above, or Cr (credit), if the course offers only the Cr/NC option.
Courses for making up undergraduate deficiencies C-minus or above, or Cr (credit), at the discretion of the graduate program
Thesis 700, Dissertation 800, Master’s Plan B/C Studies 500 S (satisfactory)
Directed Reading/Research (699) C-minus or above,or Cr (credit), at the discretion of the graduate program
Courses with only the Cr/NC grading option Cr