Master's Plan C

Below is an overview of general Graduate Division requirements for the master’s program — Plan C. Graduate programs may have additional requirements, contact the program for details.

Total Credit RequirementsNeither a thesis nor a specified number of course credits is required. The student must demonstrate competence by examination and must meet the minimum residence requirement (two semesters of full-time work).Students must be registered in appropriate coursework during the term in which the degree is awarded.
Transferring from Plan A or B to Plan CA student on academic probation may not transfer from Plan A or B to Plan C.
General ExamA general exam is required. After the student passes the exam, a program committee is nominated and appointed. Chaired by the student’s program adviser, the committee will guide the student through the rest of the recommended program of study.
Program of StudyAfter the student passes the general exam, the graduate chair shall submit to the Office of Graduate Student Services a copy of the recommended program of study for the student based on the exam results.
Final ExamA final exam is required to determine the student’s level of comprehension and achievement in the chosen discipline at the master’s level.