Dual Degrees

Dual Degrees at UHM

Official “dual degrees” at UHM are formal agreements between UHM departments that allow applicants to apply and enroll in two UHM graduate programs simultaneously. Applicants interested in applying to the following dual degrees submit separate applications to each of the two programs in the intended dual degree:

  • business administration & civil and environmental engineering

  • business administration & nursing

  • library and information science & American studies

  • library and information science & Asian studies

  • library and information science & educational technology

  • library and information science & computer science

  • library and information science & history

  • library and information science & Pacific Islands studies

Dual Degree with Law or Medicine at UHM

An applicant who intends to pursue a dual degree with law or medicine applies separately to the graduate program and the professional school. To apply to the law school, contact the William S. Richardson School of Law. To apply to the medical school, contact the John A. Burns School of Medicine.

Dual Degree with Law at UHM

Simultaneous admission to a graduate program and the law school is not permitted, because the first year of law school is a prescribed curriculum. A current UHM graduate student must complete at least one semester of graduate course work before starting law school. A current law student must complete the first year of law school before starting a graduate program. The following graduate programs offer official dual  degrees with the law school:

  • Asian studies

  • business administration

  • history

  • library & information science

  • political science

  • psychology

  • social work

  • urban & regional planning


Applicants interested in any other dual degree with law should check with the respective graduate program and the law school to discuss degree requirements, tuition assessment, and potential financial aid issues.

Dual Degree with Medicine

For information about the dual degree with medicine, contact the UHM medical school.