Honolulu Gourmet
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Paradise Palms Café
Honolulu Gourmet Foods features healthy, locally grown salads, sandwiches, poke bowls, and grab-and-go items at affordable prices. They are committed to using the freshest island-grown ingredients sourced directly from farmers and fishermen. They also blend and serve their own frozen yogurt paired with local fresh fruit toppings and items from our dry topping bar! Grab-and-go, breakfast items, or catering for any sized group are also available!

Monday - Friday
10:00am - 3:30pm

Honolulu Gourmet Photos
Rotisserie Chicken Pasta Salad on a bed of local salad greens served with Creamy Honey Herb Dressing
Chicken and Cranberry Spinach Salad served with Low Fat Honey Roasted Garlic Dressing
Hawaiian Fruit and Nut Medley Salad served with Mango Papaya Seed Dressing
Salad or Sandwich of the Day
Hawaiian Shoyu Ahi Mini Poke Bowl
Dynamite Spicy Ahi Mini Poke Bowl
Spicy California Roll Bowl
Served on White or Brown Sushi Rice
Salad and Poke Bowl Combo
Furikake Spam Musubi
Hummus & Vegetables
Assorted Wraps
Assorted Fresh Sandwiches
Pita Chips and Assorted Chips
Fresh Baked Cookies
Assorted Fresh Baked Goods & Muffins
Assorted Fresh Baked Desserts
Assorted Fresh Fruits
Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl
Assorted Yogurt
Gourmet Breakfast Oatmeal with Toppings
Assorted Cereal and Milk
Cup Noodles
Frozen Yogurt Bar & Toppings
Fresh Pineapple Plantation Iced Tea
Bottled Water
Assorted Fountain Drinks