The Bean Counter
The Bean Counter Map - Shidler College of Business, 1st Floor
Shidler College of Business, 1st Floor
Local beans, Local flavor...your Local Coffee Bar.

The Bean Counter serves up brewed coffee from the Hawaiian Islands and fulfills your caffeinated desires with a full service espresso bar. Feed your growling stomach with a dizzying array of bagels with homemade spreads, or chow down with our savory wraps, healthy salads and sweet treats.

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Espresso Drinks
Brewed Coffee
Iced Coffee
Espresso Drinks
MacchiatoEspresso shot
Café au LaitShot in the Dark
Coffee Alternatives
SodaGatorade/Orange Juice
WaterEnergy Drink
Coffee Alternatives
Hot Chocolate
Flavored Steamer
Chai Latte
Baked Goods
Hot or Iced Tea
Tea Misto
Flavored Tea
Bagel w/ plain cream cheese
Bagel w/ flavored cream cheese
Bagel w/ Butter
Bagel w/ Peanut Butter or Nutella
Other Goodies
Club WrapVeggie Wrap
Local Green SaladStrawberry Goat Cheese Salad
Chipotle Corn SaladCheese Melt
Other Goodies
CupcakesChocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
Odwalla BarsChips
Cliff BarsOatmeal
Rice Crispy Snacks
Other Goodies