Fall 2009 Courses


List of courses for Fall 2009

  1. Applied Economics for Business Management

Instructors: Dr. J. Yanagida, I.Qinami, T.Nelaj

        AUT October 9th_Guidelines_for Thesis_Chapters

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  1. Strategic  Management in Agribusiness

Instructors: Q. Dombro, D.Kercini B.Musabelliu

*Please access the link below to download all relevant readings and works for this course.  If the link does not work, please copy and paste the link to your address bar to access Quentin Dombro’s website for this course:


  1. Applied Econometrics

Instructors: Dr. J. Seale, M.Osmani

*Currently in progress and will be updated a soon

  1. Research Methodology

Instructors: Drs. C. Evensen, C. Chan-Halbrendt, E.Skreli

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