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ZOOL 410 - Corals and Coral Reefs (3)

The biogeography, evolution, ecology, and physiology of corals and coral reefs, and the application of this information to the management of coral reefs.  Emphasis will be placed on processes such as dispersal, the evolution and operation of mutualisms, calcifications, reproduction, and the maintenance of diversity.  Offered in Spring only.

BIOL 265

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ZOOL 101 - Principles of Zoology (3)

Structure, development, physiology, reproduction, evolution, behavior, and ecology of animals.  DB

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BIOL 171 - Introduction to Biology I (3)

Introductory biology for all life science majors. Cell structure and chemistry; growth, reproduction, genetics, evolution, viruses, bacteria, and simple eukaryotes. Pre: CHEM 131 (or concurrent), CHEM 151 (or concurrent), 161 (or concurrent), CHEM 171 (or concurrent), CHEM 181A (or concurrent); or consent. Co-requisite: 171L. DB

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