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ZOOL 450 - Natural History of Hawaiian Islands (3)

(2 lectures, 1 1-hour lab per week)  Geography, geology, climatology, biotic environment of Pacific Basin and Hawaiian Islands; endemism and evolution in terrestrial and marine biota.  (Cross-listed as BOT 450).  DB

1 semester of college-level biological sciences

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BIOL 410 - Human Role in Environmental Change (3)

Human impacts through time on vegetation, animals, landforms, soils, climate, and atmosphere. Special reference to Asian/Pacific region. Implications of long-term environmental change for human habitability. Pre: one of 101, GEOG 101 or 123 and either 310 or GEOG 326; or consent. (Cross-listed as GEOG 410) DB

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BIOL 360 - Island Ecosystems (3)

Characteristics of island biota; examples from Hawai'i and the Pacific. Impact of island and continental cultures; policy and ecosystem endangerment; contemporary legislation, policy, and management practices. Pre: one semester of biological science or consent. DB

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Robert Cowie

Researcher, Center for Conservation Research and Training

The Origins and Determinants of Biological Diversity in the Islands of the Pacific



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