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ZOOL 470L - Limnology Laboratory (1)

(1 3-hr Lab) Experimental and descriptive field projects on the biology, chemistry, hydrology, and physics of lakes, streams, and estuaries. Pre: BIOL 172 or consent. Co-requisite: 470. (Alt. years) DY

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ZOOL 465L - Fish Systematics Laboratory (1)

(2 2-hour labs per week)  Overview of the major orders and families of fishes of the world; introduction to local Hawaiian fishes; coverage of basic fish anatomy; introduction to field and laboratory techniques in fish research.  Must be taken concurrently with ZOOL465. DY

BIOL 265

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ZOOL 439L - Animal Ecology Laboratory (2)

(1 4-hr Lab) Introduction to methodology, experience in characterizing populations and communities. Pre: BIOL 265. DY

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ZOOL 430L - Animal Physiology Laboratory (2)

Laboratory investigation of function of organs, tissues, and cells, especially in vertebrates. Nerve and muscle physiology, circulation, membrane transport, respiration, excretion. Pre: BIOL 275. Co-requisite: 430. DY

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ZOOL 420L - Developmental Biology Laboratory (2)

(2 3-hr Labs) Analysis of animal development by experimental methods, using local organisms. Pre: 420 (or concurrent) and BIOL 275, or consent. Recommended: BIOL 407. DY

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ZOOL 416L - Histology Laboratory (2)

(2 2-hr Lab) Light microscopic study of animal tissues, especially vertebrates. Primarily for pre-professional students. Pre: BIOL 275. Recommended: BIOL 407. Co-requisite: 416. DY

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