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Floyd A. Reed

Floyd A. Reed

Associate Professor

An overall theme of my work is population genetics. I have interests in aspects of human evolution and in engineering safe and reversible gene drive systems.


EDM 412


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BIOL 470 - Evolutionary Biology (3)

Process of evolution: genetic basis, natural selection, population genetics, speciation, the fossil record. Pre: BIOL 171 and BIOL 172. Recommended: a BIOL or ZOOL course at 300 or 400 level. DB

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BIOL 375L - Genetics Laboratory (2)

(1 4-hr Lab) Experiments with a variety of organisms to illustrate principles discussed in BIOL 375. Pre: 275/275L, 375 (or concurrent) or consent. DY

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BIOL 375 - Genetics (3)

Genetic concepts at advanced undergraduate level; genetic transmission, recombination, gene action, mutation, population and evolutionary genetics. A-F only. Pre: 275 or consent. DB

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BIOL 171 - Introduction to Biology I (3)

Introductory biology for all life science majors. Cell structure and chemistry; growth, reproduction, genetics, evolution, viruses, bacteria, and simple eukaryotes. Pre: CHEM (131, 151, 161, 171, or 181A) or concurrent, and BIOL 171L (or concurrent), or consent. DB

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BIOL 340 - Genetics, Evolution and Society (3)

The role of genetics in evolution, medicine, behavior, plant and animal breeding and technology; its impact on today’s society. Not a BIOL major elective. Pre: one semester of biological science at college level or consent. (Cross-listed as CMB 351) DB

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