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Robert J. Toonen

Researcher, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Dispersal and Recruitment of Invertebrate Larvae; Population Genetics, Evolution & Ecology of Marine Invertebrates





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ZOOL 480 - Evolutionary Biology (3)

Process of evolution: genetic basis, natural selection, population genetics, speciation, the fossil record. Pre: BIOL 171 and BIOL 172. Recommended: a BIOL or ZOOL course at 300 or 400 level. DB

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ZOOL 467 - Ecology of Fishes (3)

Reproduction, early life history, age and growth, feeding, niche specificity, competitive interactions, communities, and evolutionary mechanisms. Pre: 465 or consent. DB

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ZOOL 460 - Avian Biology (3)

Broad coverage of the morphology, physiology, ecology, behavior, and evolution of birds, emphasizing the relation of birds to general theory in biology. Pre: BIOL 265. DB

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ZOOL 410 - Corals and Coral Reefs (3)

The biogeography, evolution, ecology, and physiology of corals and coral reefs, and the application of this information to the management of coral reefs. Emphasis will be placed on processes such as dispersal, the evolution and operation of mutualisms, calcification, reproduction, and the maintenance of diversity. Pre: BIOL 265 (or concurrent) or BIOL 301 (or concurrent). (Spring only)

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ZOOL 320 - Vertebrate Zoology (3)

Introduction to the evolution and systematics of vertebrates, with emphasis on comparative morphology, physiology, and ecology. Pre: BIOL 265. Co-requisite: 320L. DB

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ZOOL 101 - Principles of Zoology (3)

Structure, development, physiology, reproduction, evolution, behavior, and ecology of animals.  DB

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BIOL 603 - Molecular Ecology (3)

Practical introduction to molecular methods used to address ecological and evolutionary questions. Advanced undergraduate/graduate level. Focus on methods and application to independent research project. A-F only. Pre: 265/265L (or equivalent) or 275/275L (or equivalent), and 375/375L, and consent. (Alt. years)

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