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ZOOL 750 - Topics in Conservation Biology (V)

Advanced topics in conservation and environmental biology. Repeatable three times, up to twelve credits. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as BOT 750)

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BIOL 410 - Human Role in Environmental Change (3)

Human impacts through time on vegetation, animals, landforms, soils, climate, and atmosphere. Special reference to Asian/Pacific region. Implications of long-term environmental change for human habitability. Pre: with a minimum grade of B, one of 101, 123 or GEOG 101 and either 310 or GEOG 322; or consent. (Cross-listed as GEOG 410) DB

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David Duffy

Professor, Department of Botany

How Natural Environments Respond to Pertubations


St. John 410


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BIOL 310 - Environmental Issues (3)

Global environmental problems in historical perspective; physical, biological, sociocultural views. Pre: one of 101, 123, or GEOG 101; or consent. DB

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