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ZOOL 750 - Topics in Conservation Biology (V)

Advanced topics in conservation and environmental biology. Repeatable three times, up to twelve credits. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as BOT 750)

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ZOOL 690 - Conservation Biology (3)

Theories and concepts of ecology, evolution and genetics for conservation of biological diversity. Topics will include restoration ecology, management planning, laws and policies, biological invasions. Pre: BIOL 375 and either 480 or BOT 462; and either 410, 439, 620, 623, BOT 453, 454, 456, or 492. (Cross-listed as BOT 690 and NREM 690)

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BIOL 425 - Wildlife and Plant Conservation (3)

Principles of conservation biology and wildlife management techniques, illustrated with animal, plant, and ecosystem examples. Examination of ethical, cultural, legal, political, and socio-economic issues impinging on conservation policy and practice. Group project and field trips. Pre: C (not C-) or better in 265/265L or consent. DB

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Clifford W. Morden

Associate Professor

Plant Molecular Systematics, Evolution, Population Genetics, Hybrid Plant Biology, Biogeography, Conservation Biology


St. John 602A


(808) 956-9636


(808) 956-3923

Michael G. Hadfield

Professor Emeritus, Pacific Biosciences Research Center

Larval Settlement and Metamorphosis; Conservation and Evolutionary Biology of Hawaiian Tree Snails


Henke 336/Kewalo Lab 214


(808) 956-6176

Sheila Conant

Professor Emerita, Biology

Life History, Ecology and Conservation Biology of Endemic Hawaiian Birds, Island Biology


Dean 107


(808) 956-8241