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ZOOL 465 - Fish Systematics (3)

Biology of fishes; reproduction, physiological processes, functional anatomy, behavior, ecology, distribution, and systematics.  Must be taken concurrently with ZOOL465L.  DB

BIOL 265

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ZOOL 416 - Histology (3)

Functional microanatomy of the animal body, emphasizing vertebrates.  Oriented toward pre-professional students.  Recommended to have taken BIOL 406.  DB

BIOL 275

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BIOL 172 - Introduction to Biology II (3)

Anatomy, physiology, and systematics of plants and animals; behavior; ecosystems, populations, and communities. Pre: CHEM (131, 151, 161, 171, or 181A) or concurrent, and BIOL 172L (or concurrent), or consent. DB

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