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BIOL 465 - Fish Diversity (3)

 Survey of fish biodiversity focusing on major lineages, their phylogenetic relationships, and their geographic distribution in light of evolutionary history. Taught spring semester in alternate years. Junior standing or higher. Pre: BIOL 171 and BIOL 172. (Alt. years: spring) DB

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ZOOL 416 - Histology (3)

Functional microanatomy of the animal body, emphasizing vertebrates. Oriented toward pre-professional students. Pre: BIOL 275. Recommended: BIOL 407. DB

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BIOL 172 - Introduction to Biology II (3)

Anatomy, physiology, and systematics of plants and animals; behavior; ecosystems, populations, and communities. Pre: CHEM (131, 151, 161, 171, or 181A) or concurrent, and BIOL 172L (or concurrent), or consent. DB

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