Conservation Biology

Dr. Julie Bailey-Brock - Benthic community ecology of sediment dwelling invertebrates near sewage outfalls, in harbors and more pristine coral reef habitats in the Hawaiian Islands and Guam. 

Dr. Leonard A. Freed - The evolution of sexual dicromatism; the evolution of reproductive rate and permanent monogamy; the evolution of introduced birds in Hawaii.

Dr. Mark Hixon - The behavioral, population, and community ecology of coastal marine fishes in the context of conservation biology and fisheries ecology.

Dr. Cynthia Hunter - Characterization of genetic diversity and propagation potential of corals for reef restoration and research.

Dr. Andrew Rossiter - Awareness of the ecology, biology and conservation status of fishes through aquarium exhibition.

Dr. Andrew Taylor - The population dynamics of insect parasitoid-host and predator-prey interactions; the community structure of plant-pollinator interaction networks.

Dr. Robert Thomson - Topology of the tree of life; reliably inferring species level phylogenies; prospects for collecting these data for non-model organisms; how variation in threatened or endangered organisms inform our conservation goals and priorities.

Dr. Les Watling - The taxonomy, biogeography, ecology, and reproduction of deep-sea octocorals.

Dr. Amber Wright - Behavioral, population, and community ecology, and conservation biology of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.